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About Us

About Us

SBEU is a non-profit and voluntary organisation representing the aspirations and interests of small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs in the Republic of South Africa.


Numerous studies by global institutions such as the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (‘OECD’) and the World Bank have shown that small and medium-sized enterprises (‘SMEs’) account for an overwhelming part of business worldwide and simultaneously contribute considerably to private sector gross domestic products (‘GDP’), employment and growth.  South Africa is no exception. Numerous estimates put the total economic output of SMEs to about half of South Africa’s GDP, while contributing approximately 60% of South Africa’s labour force. Small, medium and micro enterprises (‘SMMEs’) are central to social and economic inclusion as well as economic transformation and job creation.  It is therefore not surprising that SMEs are seen as the backbone of many economies, including here in South African.

South Africa has formulated the National Development Plan (NDP), whose principal goal is to galvanise South Africa towards economic growth. Naturally the NDP recognises the important role that SMMEs will play in employment creation and redressing skewed ownership patters in the economy, as well as the challenges faced by early stage entrepreneurial activities.

The NDP calls for attention to challenges such as access to capital and raising the levels of investment in research, development, SME innovation, manufacturing and production activities that will help build a robust SME sector that creates jobs and fosters economic transformation. The NDP calls for partnerships and stronger resourcing of the country’s SMEs, by both the public and private sectors, in such areas as public procurement, improved access to debt and equity finance and unburden some regulatory regime.

Mission Statement

To galvanise all South African stakeholders towards economic growth, economic empowerment and job creation through stimulating and supporting SMEs.


The pre-eminent voice for the small and medium-sized companies in the Republic of South Africa for economic growth and transformation.


  • To assist and support SME’s to enter the mainstream of the economy;
  • To create over 100 000 sustainable entrepreneurs annually, leading to job creation;
  • To lobby and advocate the interest of the SMME community;
  • To promote broad-based black economic empowerment;
  • To unlock enterprise development and procurement opportunities in the private and public sector;
  • To integrate local entrepreneurs with those from outside the Country in order to prevent xenophobic attacks and facilitate transfer of skills;
  • To engage with key stakeholders such as banks, insurers and big companies for mentoring and support;
  • To assist SMEs with competitiveness, innovation, continental and global expansion;
  • To create broad-based investment and supporting entities (for entrepreneurs, groups and business formations) that will participate and trade at the local and international stock markets;
  • To create other entities that will add value in changing the lives of our Society.

Core Values

  • Accountability
  • Discipline
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Making a difference